Saturday, May 23, 2009

On June 2nd It's Schenker and Rubenstein - Best for Barnegat

Barnegat Democrats. This column is for YOU.

On Primary Day, Tuesday, June 2nd, YOU have a unique opportunity. On June 2nd YOU can take that all-important first step to ending the reign of costly incompetency brought upon YOU and YOUR family by Jeffrey "The Cigar Store Indian" Melchiondo and Alphonse "Big Al" Cirulli. YOU can give Barnegat the best possible chance to throw these arrogant, incompetent and self-serving bums out of office.

Marianne Clemente and Howard Effron are NOT electable against the incumbents on YOUR township committee. Clemente and Effron are Bohemian wannabees who are stuck in an overly idealistic and radical world last seen in the chaotic 1970's. Their ideas come straight from The Twilight Zone. Their platform must have been conceived in fantasy land by a group of munchkins who pigged-out on some of the "herbs" Mr. Effron might have sold in his rumored to have failed former business. Do not waste YOUR vote.

Effron says "Barnegat relies too heavily on professionals." "Professionals" meaning attorneys, certified public accountants, architects, etc. "Howie The Herb" can do it better!

Does Howie really believe he can manage YOUR tax dollars on his home computer? Clearly, Effron believes that a multi-million dollar township budget should be in the hands of amateurs.

Maybe Effron thinks he can follow the lead of a few of Barnegat's local lunatics and play lawyer without a legal education or license. Close your eyes and imagine "Howie The Herb" representing the good people of The Mirage against Menk Corporation's attorneys.

Funny? No. It is scary, dangerous - and costly.

If Howard Effron really means what he says then ET knows a haberdasher where he can get a good discount on a strait jacket. "Howie The Herb" needs a better grip on reality, folks. YOUR vote would be wasted on a pathetic dreamer like Mr. Effron.

Is this the type of person to manage YOUR tax dollars? Hell NO!

Let's move on to Ms. Clemente.

Marianne Clemente is known around town as a chronic and somewhat-intrusive malcontent. A radical who can cure the ills of the planet earth with a wave of her magic wand. A former bank vice president and money manager (one of thousands where she worked) who brags of her "experience." And we all know the condition of our economy thanks to bank vice presidents and money managers like Ms. Clemente, Bernard Madoff and their like.

Marianne Clemente is a bit "eccentric" (talk to her if you doubt ET's words). Satire aside for a moment, Clemente truly believes she can end the energy crisis and save the planet by closing down every single power plant and replacing it with a field full of windmills. These windmills, Clemente alleges, will generate abundant power - even on days when there is no wind??? Hell, the wise citizens of Massachusetts are in court to ban the damned things after they proved quite dangerous!

YOU can thank Clemente and others like her for the new tax you began paying with this month's utility bill. That's right, Clemente and others who sing the same song convinced the state to adopt an "energy exploration tax" that YOU must pay. Let's call it the "Clemente tax." And YOU can bet your last dollar that the irrational Mrs. Clemente will raise YOUR taxes even higher if she has a chance - just so she can chase the Holy Grail at YOUR expense!

Clemente also supports toll hikes for the Garden State Parkway and NJ Turnpike! .

Yes, Marianne Clemente is going to stabilize YOUR taxes. In a pig's eye she is!

Neighbors, Clemente and Effron are clowns. Two circus performers whose only reason for running is that they are angry at the local democratic club. That's right neighbors, they have NO commitment to representing YOU and YOUR family - they are just annoyed because they cannot win the confidence of those who know them best. Vote for these two??? You have to be kidding!

Clemente and Effron do not have the interests of YOU and YOUR family at heart. They want to get ride the gravy train and reap the harvest of the expensive medical, hospitalization and prescription drug plan township committee members receive at YOUR expense.

Jeffrey Schenker and Fred Rubenstein have publicly declared that they will NOT accept the township committee benefit package. Right there alone, Schenker and Rubenstein WILL save YOU and YOUR family tens of thousands of dollars.

Schenker and Rubenstein are the ones to vote for on June 2nd.

ET urges YOU to read the candidates forum published on Downtown Digest the responses of Schenker and Rubenstein. They have concrete and sensible strategies to stabilize taxes and improve YOUR quality of life.

Clemente's and Effron's are sheer nonsense in comparison.

Schenker helped hold the cost of education in Toms River to an affordable level. His unpaid and dedicated service to students and parents is magnificent.

Jeffrey Schenker deserved YOUR vote.

Fred Rubenstein served on the Barnegat school board. He was the chairperson of the building committee when the Robert L. Horbelt School was about to be constructed. Rubenstein took the bull by the horns. As a result, the school was constructed for three quarters of a million dollars LESS than had been budgeted. And the excess money was returned to YOU via a TAX DECREASE!

Fred Rubenstein deserves YOUR vote.

Neighbors, 08005 is taking on water faster than the Titanic. And just like that great ship, Barnegat will sink into bankruptcy if YOU don't do something about it and fast.

Melchiondo and Cirulli are directly responsible for YOUR property tax bill. These incompetent and arrogant bums have raised YOUR taxes in each of the past three years since they were elected in 2006. An election that saw Melchiondo and Cirulli use despicable tactics. A campaign that was a disgrace.

YOUR property value has crashed onto the rocks. Melchiondo and Cirulli were quick to flaunt that Barnegat was the #1 place to live. Presently it is #270 - after three long and costly years of their misleadership.

The Cigar Store Indian and Big Al MUST GO. Never forget the callous arrogance of Melchiondo when he referred to YOUR tax bill as a "Christmas present."

And remember that Melchiondo and Cirulli are responsible and YOU should hold them accountable for the screwed-up property tax revaluation that raised YOUR taxes again.

Clemente and Effron are NOT the ones who can beat The Cigar Store Indian and Big Al in November. Schenker and Rubenstein ARE!

The members of the ET consortium - both Republicans and Democrats - unanimously endorses Jeffrey Schenker and Fred Rubenstein.

Take to the Polls Democrats!
On June 2nd

- and -

Vote for YOUR Family!