Sunday, April 12, 2009

Barnegat Board of Education Election - On April 21st The Choice is Clear

On April 21st, YOU will take to the voting booth and elect three people to serve on the Barnegat Board of Education. Each of these individuals will have a three-year term in office.

ET believes the choice is clear. Even a person with one-inch thick glasses can see that Robert Houser, Elaine Taylor and Rafael Adorno have earned YOUR vote.

Houser, Taylor and Adorno have worked hard. It is their blood, sweat and energy that restored integrity to YOUR school system.

Remember Thomas "The Million Dollar" McMahon? This parasitical vampire was given a contract that paid him more than $6000.00 per week. That's right, neighbors - six grand a week! Now known as "The Willingboro Weasel," Thomas McMeaness is causing chaos in yet another school district.

Every penny of McMahon's ridiculous compensation package came out of YOUR pocket. Bilker, Inkhen and Ford supported that absurd contract. So much for their business acumen.

McMahon, McMonster or McMajesty (take your pick), went on record as calling YOU and every other Barnegat resident "imbeciles." Bilker, Inkhen and Ford can support a bum like this??? A bum who has zero respect for YOU or YOUR family.

Houser, Taylor and Adorno partnered to make certain YOUR children receive the best possible education. By restoring morale among the faculty, administrators and other school district staff, Houser, Taylor and Adorno helped pupils to achieve magnificent test scores. These dedicated Board members lived up to their oaths-of-office and gave little Johnny and Jane a public school environment that was free of the horrors that The Million Dollar McMahon and his gang of thugs perpetrated.

The new Superintendent of Schools Houser, Taylor and Adorno helped to hire is an educator Barnegat can be well proud of. And his compensation package is open and out-front for taxpayers to see. It is a package that is fair and will not throw the school system into the type of controversy that the Scott Bilkers and Ralph Splendorios thrive on. Even the 60-something, pot-bellied Barnegat Bag Man who craves Tammany Hall-like power more than a dry sponge craves water will find the door slammed in his three-chinned, false-bravado face.

And where was Scott Bilker? Where was Jerry Inkhen? Where was Kelly Ford?

They were busy undermining the efforts of a Board of Education that proved YOU do not need to spend a King's ransom on a windbag, egotistical, maniacal, narcissistic Superintendent of Schools who played a vicious game of politics with the future of YOUR children and grandchildren.

Have you ever heard Mr. Bilker speak at a School Board meeting? Just like swindler Bernard Madoff, this "Internet Millionaire" is one of the most arrogant individuals ET has ever listened to. Bilker's blind lust for power overshadows anything that might resemble judgement. Scott Bilker is not the type of person you can depend on to make certain YOUR children's future is protected. YOUR children do not need hostility on YOUR Board of Education.

Jerry Inkhen. Jerry is a truly nice guy. But we need people with foresight and business experience on the Board of Education. In those categories, Jerry comes up somewhat dry. Jerry Inkhen favors returning to McMahon McMadness. And that is unacceptable and just plain dumb.

Kelly Ford. Where was her voice when The Million Dollar McMahon and his press shill (the inimitable Carrier Stiers) withheld confirmed information that the potentially fatal MRSA virus had entered YOUR children's school houses? Did Kelly have laryngitis? Yes, where were you, Ms. Ford?

As R.H. Macy stated it: "you cannot argue with success." And Bob Houser, Elaine Taylor and Rafael Adorno have brought Barnegat the bacon!

These three dedicated Board of Education members reduced costs while making YOUR children's education better.

Bilker??? Hell,YOU already threw him off the Board once!

Inkhen??? YOU wisely rejected him last time around. Do it again.

Ford??? This Ford has a flat tire when it comes to the necessary moxie to sit on a School Board. Buy a Chevy.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the record speaks for itself. Houser, Taylor and Adorno did what YOU elected them to do. And they saved YOU and YOUR family tons of money along the way!

So make certain you get to the polls. ET will take a double dose of Geritol and do our civic duty by participating in this important election.

On April 21, join with the ET consortium and cast YOUR vote for the people who have done the job and earned YOUR trust.

Robert Houser
Elaine Taylor
Rafael Adorno

Vote the Blue Team!