Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Clemente Crashes Celebration

Any trace of doubt that Marianne Clemente is unfit to serve on YOUR township committee was erased on Memorial Day.

Neighbors, Memorial Day is sacred. America mourns her patriotic men and women who died while in the service of our great nation. Memorial Day is NOT a time to play cheap and shabby political foolishness.

But this is exactly what Mrs. Clemente did. Showing no respect for the soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen whom the holiday honors, Clemente drove her personal car adorned with large campaign signs into the line of march. She didn't give a damn about the feelings of the several Gold Star Mothers who were there to mourn their children. Hell no, Clemente only cared about one thing - personal gain.

ET thinks we need to revisit just why Clemente is in the June 2nd Democratic Primary Election along with her stablemate Howie The Herb Effron. The following excerpt comes from a statement Clemente caused to be posted in a candidate's forum on Downtown Barnegat.com:

"My ONLY reason for becoming a candidate was because I did not like how things were being handled by the Democratic leadership in Barnegat."

Marianne Clemente does not give a damn about YOU or YOUR family. Clemente has proven this many times over. Clemente and Effron are in the primary because they have an acute case of sour grapes. Two children who need to grow up and realize that the well-being of their neighbors means more than their immature selfishness.

Marianne Clemente supports Parkway and Turnpike toll increases. Clemente wrote a letter published in an area newspaper saying that YOU deserve to pay higher tolls even though YOU or members of YOUR family might be out-of-work.

Clemente and Effron both support the new tax on YOUR utility bill. How in the name of all that is holy can Clemente and Effron tell YOU they will stabilize YOUR taxes when they are hellbent on increasing them???

Clemente and Effron are playing a cheap and despicable political game. Clemente and Effron refused to stand up like mature adults and debate their opponents in the June 2nd primary. These two interlopers did not have the guts or the integrity to participate in a fair and open debate in front of those who know them for what they are.

It gets better. Read Mrs. Clemente's opinion of today's senior citizens and retirees (same source):

"The retirees of today are nothing like our parents and grandparents."

What an off-the-wall, vicious statement. ET is not making this up, neighbors. Yes, Clemente wrote it. And Effron stands by it. These two have as much business running for office as a blind person does flying an airplane!

It is clear that Marianne Clemente and Howard Effron are unfit to hold public office. People who claim they are "transparent and accountable" but then refuse to participate in the democratic process of debate are fakes and should be rejected.

Do not waste YOUR vote on immature louts who cannot even show proper respect for one of America's most important holidays. Clemente and Effron are playing a game of politics that decent citizens find offensive, crude and childish.

Jeffrey Schenker and Fred Rubenstein did participate in open and deep-reaching debate. Schenker and Rubenstein fielded all the questions. They were nominated after they passed a test of public scrutiny.

Equally important, Schenker and Rubenstein are both veterans. They understand, appreciate and respect the sacrifices our armed forces make to keep America strong and free. Schenker and Rubenstein were seen along the parade route by three members of the ET consortium. The only thing they both had in their hands were American flags.

And that takes integrity.

The type of integrity Barnegat needs.

By the way, Mrs. Clemente was summarily thrown out of the Memorial Day Parade and told to take a hike - a very long hike.

Clemente and Effron???

Their candidacy is laughable.

On Tuesday, June 2nd

- and -

Vote for YOUR Family!