Monday, June 2, 2008

Peas in a Pod

ET apologizes for our overly long siesta. There is a lot to see in our great United States. For the past few weeks, we have been out seeing some of it.

ET visited several suburban towns in several states. We were quite impressed with the demeanor of those municipalities. Cleanliness. Reasonable costs-of-living. And faith in local government by the townspeople.

Not so in Barnegat, New Jersey. 08005 is cursed with a township committee that reminds us of a burlesque show. A cheap, scheming bunch of charlatans. Incompetent buffoons who play a sometimes-treacherous game with the lives of the people they are supposed to serve.

Friends, ET usually mutters a few choice expletives and hangs up the phone when we received one of those automated telephone calls. But we must confess to savoring every syllable of the calls we have been getting urging us to vote against the Ocean County political machine in tomorrow's primary election.

Those of you who endure our literary musings know that ET has zero tolerance for Freeholder "Diamond" Jack Kelly. Jack Kelly wants to go to congress. The only place he should go is straight to hell.

Kelly knowingly accepted a political patronage job that he was not qualified to hold. Kelly lacked the necessary college degree. He also lacked the necessary practical experience. Diamond Jack literally stole a job that should have been filled by a competent person. Perhaps YOU or someone you love or know.

Carl Block sat on the South Jersey Transportation Authority. Block was one of the perpetrators who made sure Kelly got this $70,000.00+ per year job. Block knew damned well that Diamond Jack did not meet the criteria. Block must have left his morals at home the day he voted Kelly in.

Having an unqualified person hold down a job is outright dangerous. This clear and basic fact meant nothing to Carl Block or Jack Kelly. Lies, lies and more lies. Patronage to the fat cats who have smiled to your face only to laugh behind your back.

Locally things are not much better. Barnegat is currently placarded with red and white signs urging registered Republicans to cast their vote for Thomas "Hopeless" Hartman in tomorrow's election. After "passing through" two private sector jobs, Hartman was hired by Ocean County. A man whose professional competence is in serious doubt is now paid more than seventy grand (plus benefits) of your hard-earned tax dollars.

Hartman is running with a character named Kenneth Matthews. ET will tell you more about Mr. Matthews as we move towards the November general election. Let's just say he has a few vested personal interests that drives him.

Hartman and Matthews use the slogan "Leading the Way." The first time we saw it, ET almost vomited. Hopeless Hartman's "way" is well-documented. Thomas Hartman has blood on his filthy hands. This double-dipping bum voted to bring to Barnegat the tax revaluation that now has Mister and Missus 08005 paying through their noses. Hartman bears responsibility for the biggest tax hike in our town's history.

Hartman and Matthews will win tomorrow's primary. Hell, when you are the only horses in the race, the outcome is academic.

November might be a different story. Reliable sources tell ET that a virtual army of anti-Hartman forces will make certain that the truth about him will be placed before voters in a most poignant way. ET is proud to tell you that we have enlisted in that army. Thomas Hartman must go.

Tomorrow, you can send a message to the "boss of all bosses," George Gilmore. ET urges you to cast your vote for a man of principle. A man whose promise is more than campaign fodder. A man who will represent New Jersey well if he is sent to the hallowed halls of congress.

Vote for Chris Myers.

Tell Gilmore, Kelly, Hartman and Matthews to take a long trip off a short pier.

Chris Myers for Congress!