Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hartmans Heroes

A person is known by the company they keep. In Barnegat, no one keeps worse company than Committee Member Thomas "Hopeless" Hartman.

First we have Hartman's former running mate Ginny Novrit. ET attempted to contact Ms. Novrit. Her answering machine message says she will return our call in about three years. Novrit is doing time in the big house for her roll in a multi-million dollar mortgage fraud that backfired right in her stupid face. Hey Ginny, hope you enjoy making license plates!

Second is Hartman's buddy and Ocean County FreeLOADER "Diamond" Jack Kelly - another gonniff. The Asbury Park Press reports that Diamond Jack was given a patronage job at an airport controlled by the South Jersey Transportation Authority ("SJTA"). Kelly started at $57,304.00 in 1999 and rose to a salary of $74,662.00 by 2004.

One minor problem. Diamond Jack did not have the college degree or prior experience that the positions required. In other words, Kelly had no right to take those jobs from a qualified applicant who probably needs the money to feed their family. A quick look at Kelly's belly shows that Diamond Jack hasn't missed many meals.

Third is that "innocent" All-American Boy, Carl Block. The oft-revered successor to the controversial Dean Haines, Block served as an SJTA commissioner. Block voted to approve every penny of Gilmore's outrageous billings. He also had full knowledge of Kelly being hired. Block is up for reelection. Bet the ranch that the county machine will paint him to be as pure as newly fallen snow.

Last is the Ringmaster himself. Allow us to introduce you to the capo di tutti capi of the Ocean County Republican Machine, George R. Gilmore. This "boss of all bosses" was paid more than $4.07 MILLION in legal fees when his political bedfellows controlled the finances at SJTA. Neighbors, every red cent of that swag came from SJTA funds.

All four of these political hacks endorsed Hopeless Hartman. That's right, Thomas Hartman was endorsed by a criminal (Novrit) and others who might be on their way to donning a suit of zebra stripes. Hell, is that Diamond Jack ET sees working on the chain gang?

Remember, Diamond Jack Kelly is the two-faced political scoundrel who promised the people of Barnegat that Ocean County would pay 100% of the capital cost for the construction of the Watts Recreation Complex. Kelly's promise proved as worthless as Hartman is hopeless.

Ocean County is one of the most expensive places to live in our state. The thuggery and smoke-filled room inefficiencies and possible improprieties of the county political machine are costing all of us a small fortune. YOU can put a stop to this tomfoolery. And YOU can begin on June 3rd by rejecting the candidacy of Diamond Jack Kelly and supporting an honest man named Chris Myers in the Republican primary. Chris Myers is an honorable man. Diamond Jack is Diamond Jack.

Friends, the standard response of Hartman, Block, Kelly and Gilmore is that this is all a bunch of dirty politics perpetrated by their opponents. Such a statement is a paper-thin excuse for a bunch of bums who finally outsmarted themselves and got caught with their paws in the cookie jar.

Either Kelly had the required college degree or he did not. This is no different than the matter of David "Body Shop" Breeden who is Barnegat's Township Administrator. The Man Who Will Paint Any Car for $29.99 (Breeden, not Earl Scheib) lacked the necessary certification to do the job which Hartman voted to hire him into. A certification or college degree is a black and white matter. Either you have it or you don't. And Kelly "don't."

Many townspeople would like to see the fiscal records of Barnegat Township audited. ET supports this idea with great enthusiasm. Hopeless Hartman opposes it. The reasons for Hartman's opposition are curious. Why would an elected public official (Hartman) oppose such a simple request from his constituents? Does Hopeless Hartman know where the bones are buried? Does this incompetent nincompoop have knowledge of some sinister skullduggery that might lead prosecutors to his doorstep?

Both the Board of Education's and the Township's financial records are long overdue for an independent, comprehensive audit. ET recommends the employment of a forensic certified public accounting firm to examine the books. If any irregularities are found, the accountants should report them to the appropriate prosecutorial agency at once. If you think it cannot happen in Barnegat you might be wrong. Let's not give anybody a chance to cook the books.

Hopeless Hartman will be out of our lives on January 1, 2009 unless Barnegat allows the Republican machine to bamboozle our town the way they did in 2006. Reject the highly polished campaign propaganda. Accept the facts. Discuss the issues amongst your family and friends. Make that all-important informed decision and vote without regard to party line. Who knows, there might even be a credible independent candidate to consider.

Begin cleaning house on June 3rd. Vote for Chris Myers. Tell Diamond Jack Kelly to try working for a living. The exercise might do him good!