Saturday, May 17, 2008

ET is Back!

To plagiarize the late, great General Douglas MacArthur, we have returned!

Rather than submit to the cowardly censorship of the APP blog, ET has folded our tent and moved on to a new home that should allow us to present our perspectives free of the micromanagement of a feckless editor who seems best qualified to judge cup-cake contests and basket-weaving competitions.

And there is much to discuss. ET begins our first column by giving a 21-gun salute to our new Board of Education.

Neighbors, most Americans are accustomed to candidates whose promises go down the drain once they are elected. This is not the case with The Blue Team of Becker, Pilovsky, Scully, Sarno and Adorno. ET is gratified to know that these public servants are already hard-at-work overhauling a school district that was allowed to run amok under the stewardship of their predecessors.

What the hell gives with former BOE President Linda Mitchell? At the last public meeting, this Shirley Temple wannabee left her seat on the dais and took to the microphone as a "private citizen." We have news for you Miss Twinkletoes, you are a seated Board member. Your "battles" are properly fought at the dais and in closed, executive sessions. For years, the DARE Officer (who just happens to be your spouse) has been detailed to the schools year round - even when they are in summer recess. And while you might argue that he conducts summer programs, the fact is that Barnegat needs him back on the beat.

In case Mrs. Mitchell's rose colored glasses are blocking out reality, ET reminds her that our town has experienced daring daytime robberies, increased vandalism and other threats to public safety. Since our limp-wristed township committee will not support Artie's Angels by giving them reliable equipment and additional personnel, your husband's presence on patrol becomes even more critical. Hell Miss Linda, every gravy train reaches the end of the tracks.

In our last column before APP hit us with the hammer and sickle, ET called upon new BOE President Robert "Howitzer" Houser to impanel a committee to finally get to the bottom of what happened in the MRSA scandal. The public has both a right and a need to know just what went on when The Million Dollar McMahon and his press shill (Carrie "Canary" Sterrs) published phony propaganda denying that MRSA had struck a student.

As we should all know by now, the truth is that an incredibly brave mother spoke out informing the school district that her child did contract MRSA and, unknowingly, went to school while the potentially fatal virus was in her body. The uncommon courage and valor of this noble parent was desecrated by the school district. And their possible improprieties put the lives of innocent children and adults at risk. MRSA can KILL people with compromised immune systems. Isn't that the truth, Mister McMahon?

ET restates our unanimous position that anyone proven to have been involved in this sleazy boondoggle and cover up MUST be fired. Anybody who willfully places the very lives of innocent people in jeopardy is pure scum and should be treated as such.

On June 3rd, the Republican Primary election for Congressman Jim Saxton's possible successor will be held. ET urges all Republicans to join us in supporting Chris Myers. Mr. Myers has built a record based on honesty and service to his constituents. Chris's leadership is exemplary. Most important, he is not a pawn of the Ocean County Republican Machine - a "machine" that has caused the quality and affordability of life to crash.

Mr. Myers is opposed by "Diamond" Jack Kelly. It was Jack Kelly who stood up at a Barnegat Township Committee meeting and PROMISED that the county would pay 100% of the capital cost of building the Frederick A. Watts Recreation Complex. Like so many other promises Kelly and his hooligan chums have made to Barnegat, this promise proved worthless.

Barnegat Township is a mess. ET will be discussing the many issues that need to be talked about as we move closer to the November election. As always, we will do this with the gloves off. If you fancy the sugar coated, non-offensive version, read the watered down excuses on the APP blog edited by a person who forgets that the core of true journalism is investigative and thought-provoking reportage. This chick would rather live in never-never land and publish photos of she and her hound making nicely-nice.

Hey Diana, is "potentially libelous" akin to "almost pregnant?"

Last, ET wishes to thank the people who took the time to express their support and urge us to keep going. At the head of that list is the courageous editor of Downtown Barnegat, Mr. Michael Harrington. ET urges all who suffer through this column to click on . We know you will feel a true sense of community when you read the comprehensive digest of Barnegat that Mr. Harrington publishes.

Straight ahead!