Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hartman Finishes Dead Last!

ET salutes the wise people of Barnegat. In what should prove to be a glimpse of the November election result, Thomas "Hopeless" Hartman drew the least number of votes among the four mainstream candidates both Republican and Democrat.

Yesterday's primary was only the preliminary. The main event happens in November. On that fateful day, Hopeless Hartman will get the reward he so richly deserves. ET believes that Mister and Missus 08005 have seen through the veil of Hartman's gross incompetency. They now recognize The Hopeless One for the bungling and inept bozo he is. A man who has cost every single tax payer a tidy sum over the almost six years he has taken up space on the township committee.

The saga of Hopeless Hartman is pathetic. It is filled with disservice, apathy and conceit. During Hartman's two terms in office, our town's quality of life has deteriorated. At the same time, the cost of living in Barnegat has skyrocketed. Home foreclosures are at a record high. Who in the hell in their right mind would cast their vote to perpetuate this crap?

Hartman has bled the people. After being given the boot from his last two jobs, Hopeless Hartman had no qualms of conscience about double-dipping after his bed buddies in the Ocean County Republican machine bailed him out by giving him a cushy county job.

Why would Ocean County want a professional who was "ordered to leave" his last two jobs in the private sector? Hell's bells, who bets money on a horse with such a lousy track record? But when you toe the party line and lend your name to shenanigans that are contrary to the public good, Boss Gilmore makes sure your wallet is stuffed - at taxpayer expense.

Thomas Hartman's arrogance is a disgrace. This self-anointed emperor purposely scuttled Barnegat's annual Heritage Day. Hartman did this in a spiteful act of vengeance against the highly respected Harrington family. The Harrington's are good neighbors to all who live here. They are honest, hard-working and friendly folks who have contributed much to our town. And they have never made one red cent while doing so. The simple fact that they had the "audacity" to disagree with Hopeless Hartman raises their stock even higher in ET's portfolio.

If you have not already done so, ET urges you to visit . This is the community website maintained by the Harringtons. It is a valuable source of information designed to instill pride and conscience in the hearts and minds of all who live in Barnegat. Right now, you can read a vivid story of how Hopeless Hartman's viciousness has been extended to deprive our children and grandchildren of a piece history.

Hopeless Hartman cannot deny the truth. His line-by-line, vote-by-vote, issue-by-issue history will be resurrected so the voters of our township can make an informed decision this year.

ET mourns the electoral loss of Chris Myers in Ocean County. We applaud Chris for fighting the good fight. We thank Chris and his family for stepping up to the plate in a valiant effort to replace wrong with right. Thankfully, Chris prevailed overall.

Diamond Jack Kelly is a load. Kelly is testimonial to a political machine that needs to be disassembled. Kelly's victory marks a sad day for the people of his district. We can only hope that Kelly will soon find a new career path - perhaps he can become a 400 lb. ballroom dancer. Washington has enough clowns without adding Diamond Jack to the mix.

Our focus will be on Hopeless Hartman. 08005 has seen the blissful wave of common sense and responsibility that has assumed command on the Board of Education since The Blue Team swept the election on April 15th. Change is not a dirty word. Change can be the magic bullet that gets our single zip code paradise back on-track.