Saturday, October 25, 2008

ET - Silent No Longer

The campaign for Barnegat Township Committee has hit a new low. A recently published piece of propaganda mailed by the Matthews-Lisella campaign must be exposed for the fake, phony, fraudulent piece of sleaze that it is.

Matthews and Lisella have the gall to accuse Len Morano of "double dipping." In this case, Matthews and Lisella allege that Morano is doing something wrong because he might be realizing a cash payment in lieu of benefits from the Barnegat school system where he has been successfully employed for many years. A cash payment that Morano would pay taxes on.

By the way, how would Matthews and Lisella get this information? School employees personnel records are strictly confidential as a matter of law. It is highly probable that Matthews and Lisella are in bed with Barnegat's controversial Superintendent of Schools, Thomas McMahon. You all know Matthews and Lisella's pal, right? It is The Million Dollar McMahon who enjoys - at YOUR expense - a salary of more than $5,000.00 per week! Are Matthews and Lisella breaking bread with a man who might have concealed the fact that the potentially deadly MRSA virus was in YOUR children's schools?

Small side note, Len Morano works hard as a custodian in YOUR school system. It was none other than Len Morano and his co-workers who put their own health at risk to scrub the school buildings so YOUR children's and grandchildren's safety could be protected. Remember, MRSA can kill.

This is a bunch of clubhouse crap intended to shanghai the attention of voters away from the real issue. An issue that a blind person can see. An issue that the Matthews-Lisella Republican clubhouse majority can fix in a heartbeat but never will.

Friends, why does any member of the township committee receive medical, prescription and other such benefits? Why do they receive a salary? Why are they allowed to collect a pension after only nine years? Why do they reap any taxpayer-funded benefits for doing what amounts to volunteer work? Volunteer work that takes less than 15 hours per month.

Those who serve on the Board of Education put in just as much time as the township committee. And they do not get paid one red cent or have any benefits or pensions whatsoever.

Were Matthews and Lisella honest and genuine, they would put-into-writing a promise to eliminate these costly payouts if they are elected. But they never will. Why you ask? Because the fat-cat, big-wig professional politicians in the controlling Toms River clubhouse won't allow it.

This is the same despicable political swill the Republican clubhouse pulled in 2006 when they used everything from bigotry to hypocrisy to win the majority on the township committee.

And is 08005 better off after several years of Republican clubhouse control???

With the near-highest tax rate in New Jersey, with crime and drug use skyrocketing, with the quality of life nosediving, there can only be one answer.

Hell NO!

Kindly allow ET to go deeper into this issue. Incumbent Mayor Jeffrey "The Cigar Store Indian" Melchiondo's name appears on Matthews and Lisella's printed bull durham. "I endorse the Lisella/Matthews team" proudly proclaims our lame excuse for a Mayor. A so-called Mayor who opened 2008 by proclaiming it "The Year of Cooperation."

Neighbors, the only ones Melchiondo has cooperated with are his brother clubhouse members. Please remember, this is a "men only" fraternity. Women need not apply.

Then there is the "mouse that roared." Better known to beleaguered taxpayers as Alphonse "Big Al" Cirulli. Big Al is a Vice Principal in the Central Regional school system. He certainly makes much, much more than Len Morano. Would it surprise you to know that Big Al is cashing in his benefit package??? Does Big Al endorse the clubhouse combination? You betcha!

And let us not forget the man who will soon (not soon enough!) leave the township committee in disgrace on December 31. Good old Thomas "Hopeless" Hartman. Having been fired from two private employers, Hopeless was rescued by the clubhouse. At YOUR family's expense, Hartman now works for the county at a salary of well-over $70,000.00. Hartman receives an overly generous benefit package from his job. Why then is he also getting benefits from Barnegat township??? Talk about double dipping!

Do you think Matthews and Lisella are any better? Both are basically self-employed. You can bet they will take YOUR money as sure as you can say RAISE OUR TAXES - AGAIN! That is why they will never make a call to end the expensive salary, benefit and pension package paid to bums like Hartman. See the truth, neighbors. These guys wouldn't know integrity if it slammed them in the butt.

ET has very reliable sources inside the Republican clubhouse. We know the feckless bosses of the clubhouse read this column. And we would like to offer them a challenge. Yes, a chance to prove to the world whether they are statesmen or just a rancid, rabid herd of vampires who feather their own nests by bamboozling the taxpayers only to bleed them after pre-election promises are forgotten.

ET hereby challenges Kenneth Matthews, Martin Lisella, Jeffrey Melchiondo and Alphonse Cirulli to publicly declare that they will introduce and vote in favor of ending salary, benefits and pensions for township committee members. ET challenges them to do this NOW. C'mon guys, the clubhouse has lots of money to pay Mr. Moriarty. Have him put together another glossy brochure.

Will Matthews and Lisella "Lead the Way?" Will Matthews and Lisella show the type of civic-minded honesty, integrity and money-saving concern they claim to have? Will Kenneth Matthews and Martin Lisella show YOU that they have what it takes?

Don't hold your breath.

Friends, this election is critical. On November 4th Barnegat has its chance to close the clubhouse. On November 4th, YOU can send a loud and clear message to the political Godfathers in Toms River who have maintained a stranglehold on your family's finances for too long. YOU can make YOUR life easier.

Reject these empty suits. Kenneth Matthews and Martin Lisella have done absolutely nothing to show that they are fit to join Barnegat's governing body. It is clear that they will follow in the costly footsteps of their mentor Hopeless Hartman and drive the tax rate even higher.

Never forget, it was the Hartman-Matthews-Lisella clubhouse that gave our town Virginia Novrit. Virginia Novrit is in a FEDERAL PRISON for being part of a multi-million dollar mortgage fraud. Melchiondo, Cirulli and Hartman endorsed Novrit. When Len Morano called for an audit of township funds after Novrit's conviction, Melchiondo, Cirulli and Hartman voted against it. They now endorse Matthews and Lisella.

Federally-convicted felon Virginia Novrit signed checks drawn on YOUR tax money when she held office in Barnegat. Why does the Hartman-Matthews-Lisella clubhouse oppose a simple thing like an audit???

Len Morano and Gene Chiarelli are honest men. Morano and Chiarelli are right for you and your family. Len and Gene have proven track records in industry and government. They are good neighbors and solid citizens. Len and Gene have put forward realistic and achievable strategies to control the cost of living in our town.

All Matthews and Lisella can do is call other people names and make false accusations.

One week from this Tuesday it is in YOUR hands. YOU will decide if the pork-barrel Toms River clubhouse of high-priced, overpaid lawyers will be allowed to pick your pocket with virtual immunity. YOU will decide if those who have broken every promise they have made to YOU and YOUR family can bring two new henchmen onto their squad of squanderers.

Yes, it is in YOUR hands.

Join hands with those of us who refuse to overdose on the clubhouse concoction of kool-aid and sleaze. Stand in that voting booth and speak those famous words: "I'm angry as hell and I am not going to take it any longer!"

Silently recall those words as YOU press the buttons to vote for Len Morano and Gene Chiarelli.

Close the clubhouse.

Elect Morano and Chiarelli.